Sweatpants are mostly worn as tracksuit bottoms during athletic activities or even when working out at the gym. They are designed to be more comfortable than your regular pants. They can be made from cotton or polyester and have an elastic band to fasten them around the waist; this is what sets them apart from other types of pants.

SweatpantsMany people like to wear them when jogging or as a covering over sports gear for warmth. These days, they are worn as part of casual regalia. There are also a number of casual sweatpants made from different fabric such as velvet and satin. Atlanta Shirt offers a number of size, color, and style combinations. Apart from being made from different types of fabric, casual sweatpants do not have any elastic bands at the bottom of the pant legs since the main purpose the elastic band is to fasten the sweatpants legs around the ankles making them hold tightly as you move around.

There are lighter sweatpants designed to only provide wind protection and not for warmth. These are made from lighter fabric such as nylon. Wind pants, as they are commonly known also lack the elastic band at the bottom but instead come with zippers for fastening it around the ankles. Due to their light fabric, they have a cotton lining on the inside that makes them more comfortable since most people do not wear them with undergarments.

Another variation of the sweatpants is tear-away pants. These are pants that have metal snaps running the entire length of the pant legs. They can therefore be easily worn and removed. Atlanta Shirt can print your original design or art on a variety of sweatpants. Contact a member of our sales team who can recommend the best pair for you based on your needs. We feature a fast turnaround time and we carry only the highest quality brands printed with the best available ink.