starting-an-apparel-lineStarting your own line of custom apparel in Atlanta Georgia can be a worthwhile but challenging pursuit. With over 5 million people in the metro area there are plenty of opportunities for budding designers. We’ve helped hundreds of customers with their custom t-shirts, hoodies and other garments. Below are some of the top tips we have for those looking to break into starting their own apparel line.

Quality Shirts Equals Quality Prints

When selecting your garments to decorate, when possible always go with a more popular high quality brand. The difference in price is usually around $1.00 – $2.50 more than using a Gildan or Fruit of the Loom. Your customers will notice the difference in materials and fit. Brands like Alternative Apparel or Next Level are often softer and better fitting than other brands. You’ll also benefit from the brand recognition. Customers most likely already have shirts made by these brands and are familiar with how they fit and feel. You’ll also find the most modern styles and colors offered when using brands like Bella Canvas or those listed above.

Quality Art Equals Quality Prints

It’s perfectly fine to sketch out ideas on the back of a napkin or plain paper. You’ll just want to have a graphic designer create the final artwork in vector format. If you don’t have a designer or aren’t familiar with vector art, it’s worth learning at least the basics when starting your own line of custom apparel.

With your designs in vector format your artwork will come out printing great no matter what method of decoration is used. Vector files work great for screen printing, direct to garment and embroidery. You can also use the same files for other printing such as fliers, posters or stickers.

Higher Quantities Equal Higher Apparel Line Margins

For custom apparel printing, quantity is one of the biggest factors in pricing. The garment and print costs both continue to go down the larger an order is. Most often 72 or more items is the “sweet spot” where you’ll see the most significant savings.

You should make sure you have the market and interest before placing larger orders. Sitting on lots of inventory you can’t move doesn’t help the bottom line. But if you’re ready to make sales you’ll increase your profit when placing orders of 72 or more garments.

Starting your own apparel line in Atlanta Georgia can be a challenging and rewarding experience. If you have your own tips or suggestions based on your experiences please feel free to share them.