How to Reduce Costs When Screen Printing

Are you interested in how to save money and reduce the cost of ordering screen printed shirts? Often just a few small changes can result in big savings. Lets review some of the costs associated with custom screen printing and how you can save money when designing the graphics for your t-shirts.

Number of Colors and Locations

The number 1 factor in pricing for screen printing is the number of colors in the artwork and locations. For example each of the trees in this image are the same except for the number of colors that would be printed. You can see even with a 2 color print the design stays the same. The cost difference between a 2 color and 6 color print can be significant. So if someone was looking to save money on screen printing they should reduce the number of colors in the design.

Examples of Colors for Screen Printing

Just Like Real Estate Location Matters

The old adage from real estate “location location location” also rings true for printing. Set up for screen printing is based on the number of locations being printed. Front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve are all considered a location. Printing just a front print will cost less than printing on the front, back and sleeve. Size of the print isn’t usually a factor, set up costs are per screen. So even if you are printing a small front left chest or a full size front print, the set up costs are the same. The price can increase quickly when printing multiple locations for smaller orders. The reason being is the setup costs aren’t divided by as many items as say a 144 piece order.

So to recap there are two main ways to reduce the costs of screen printed apparel. First by reducing the number of colors in the design. Second by reducing the number of locations. These will for sure lower the price of your order. Still have more questions about the screen printing process? Take a moment to browse our printing FAQ.