Guidelines for Print Ready Art Work:

When custom T-Shirt orders are submitted with print ready artwork it reduces turnaround time and helps eliminate any mistakes. Having high quality artwork results in great looking custom apparel. We are always here to assist with any questions regarding your artwork. We also offer design assistance if you’d like help creating the perfect t-shirt!

Providing valid artwork files and print specifications is critical to ensuring your orders are processed smoothly.

  • Only include what you want to have printed
  • Make sure your artwork dimensions match the size of your print dimensions.
  • Do not include extra spacing or artwork instructions on the actual design
  • Provide the highest quality image available preferably at 300 DPI but we can work with as low as 150 DPI. Files may be submitted in any of the formats listed below


High quality artwork results in a high quality print.


Acceptable File Formats:

  • Vector: Illustrator .eps or .ai (CS5 or earlier)
  • JPG/TIFF/PNG: 200-300dpi (Exact Print Size)

If you are unsure if your file is suitable, you can always contact Atlanta Shirt and we’ll help you determine if any additional adjustments may be needed.

Artwork for Screen Printing

Download Our T-Shirt Template PSD file. Requires Adobe Photoshop.

  • Vector files in Adobe Illustrator or EPS Files are preferred but we can work with a wide range of formats.
  • Fully Vectorized: All graphics must be vectorized and all text must be outlined.
  • Sized to Print Dimensions: The artwork must be sized at the actual print size.
  • Spot Colors: Use spot colors only. Use colors that match the actual ink color.
  • Color Count: The number of colors in the artwork must equal the number of colors ordered.

Artwork for Direct to Garment Printing

  • 300 DPI files in PNG format.
  • The image should be the same size as the actual print size. For example if your image was 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall your image file would also need to be the same width and height.
  • RGB Color-space: RGB is the standard color-space for digital media.
  • Transparent Background: Ink will not be printed on transparent parts of the artwork file.

Print Specifications

Please provide in exact detail the following list for each print location separately.

  1. Your Graphics Print Dimensions
  2. The exact placement and size of your prints placement
  3. Ink colors (Only for screen printing, all DTG prints are full color)

Artwork Dimensions

Specify dimensions (in inches) to indicate the size your design should be printed at. You may specify either width or height, but not both. Generally, you should use width, except in cases in which the print is significantly taller than it is wide.

Maximum Print Sizes:

Adult apparel – 14″ x 16″
Youth / small ladies apparel – 10″ x 12″
Sleeve prints – 4″ x 4″


Specify placement (in inches) to indicate the location your design should be printed at. In most cases, you should specify the distance below the collar. You may also indicate that the design should be printed on the pocket or sleeve.

Example Placement

2.5″ below collar
4.0″ below collar
Right chest
Left chest
1.0″ above seam

Screen Printing Colors

Select from our standard ink colors to use in your design. We also offer Pantone color matching.

 Standard Screen Printing ink colors:

Athletic Gold





Charity Pink

Dark Gray



Hot Pink

Kelly Green


Light Blue

Light Grey

Light Purple





Old Gold



Orange Red









Direct to Garment Colors

Because the file you provide will be used directly to print, any color specifications that are provided will be ignored. The design will be printed as-is based on the artwork file sent to us.


We prefer to use “vector art files” but our design department can accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), PDF, Encapsulated Post Script (.eps), JPEG, and TIFF. All supplied art work should be at least 300 DPI, and also include any fonts you are using in your design. The client is responsible for all submitted art work. Any art submission that requires separations, recreation, or has additional design requests, is subject to possible art fees.