Direct to Garment Apparel Printing

Direct to Garment printing in Atlanta Georgia. DTG is a digital printing method uses modern inkjet technology to print complext designs. After all DTG is the most precise printing option available. Produce detailed photo realistic designs on any apparel. Using traditional screen-printing each color is added one at a time in layers. This can limit the number of colors, gradients and shading. Direct to Garment printing allows for unlimited color combinations.

300 DPI means graphics are reproduced in detail. After being printed they are then heat cured. As a result the ink is then bonded with the fabric. Create vivid image in detail. Because all of the artworks colors are printed at the same time, the number of colors used does not affect item cost. For this reason DTG is the most economical option for smaller orders. Generally speaking both screen-printing and DTG look great.

Direct to Garment PrintingDirect to Garment printing brings your design to life in full color! Modern inkjet technology produces full color precise prints in up to 300 DPI (dots per inch). See your designs intricate designs come to life! Custom printing looks great on light or dark t-shirts. As a result DTG is perfect for smaller orders with complex designs.

Contact our shop with any questions.  Our team assists you through the entire process. First you select your garment such as a t-shirt or other item. Next decide the locations, placement and dimensions of each print. Then using DTG printing all colors are printed at the same time. As a result printed items come out looking great! Vibrant colors and durable prints using direct to garment.

Can I use light and dark fabric with DTG?

DTG printing is done on light or dark fabrics. First a white under base is printed first in order to print on dark garments. Next the full color print is done on top. Frequently you’ll hear that DTG doesn’t work on darker t-shirts. It is important to know this isn’t accurate. DTG prints look great on light or dark fabrics as a result of improved technology. For example American Apparel clothing comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors. All of them look outstanding printed using this method.


Custom Screen Printing

Custom Screen Printing in up to 8 colors. Printed on nearly any style of apparel.


Wholesale custom embroidery on promotional apparel. Serving all of metro Atlanta GA.