Add Promotional Products To Your Apparel

Custom t-shirts are great. Even better a full line of apparel branded with your logo. Sometimes though you and your customers will want more. More swag! Let's review some more creative ways to get your business identity out. Today we will review some of popular fun promotional products that we can help you add to your customers gift bags. Custom Rubik Cube Spend seconds if you’re super fast or hours solving these custom cube puzzles. Custom Rubik Cube puzzles with your companies logo or brand. Choose from a simpler four-panel-per-side version of original Rubik’s ® Cube or the full sized 9-panel custom cube. These are also made from 100% recycled plastic. Could be super fun way to showcase a new product launch in style. Custom Fitness and Activity Wristband Stylish, sleek and worn daily with your logo! A combination digital watch, fitness and activity tracker made of PC Plastic and adjustable TPU band with aluminum clasp. These comfortable custom fitness bands work with most smart phones. Some of the features include a clock, alarm, call answering, message notification, step counter, distance calculator, calories burned and more. Each custom activity band includes all the cables for charging. These are great for fitness minded businesses looking to enhance their promotions. Branded Mobile Power Banks Everyone has something they need to keep charged on the go these days. Help them out while showing off your design with these custom printed mobile batteries. These powerful lithium ion battery banks are slim enough to fit into any pocket or purse on the go. The large printable area means more views every time someone needs to charge up, which is often! The custom batteries come in 5 different colors: black, red, [...]

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Keep Warm this Fall with these Hot Jackets or Hoodies

Fall fashion is a great time to show off your individual style while keeping warm. Today we’re going to showcase a few popular fall apparel trends for hoodies and pullovers. Long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters you can be sure that winter is coming, but not before you’ll need to keep warm during the ever cooling fall months. Before you have to break out the winter coats fall is chance to layer with warm and stylish apparel options. Men’s Bonded Fleece Jacket Stylish and comfortable Ash City’s North End Flux Mélange Bonded Fleece Jacket comes 5 different colors to keep you warm. This zip up hoodie has plenty of pockets for your stuff. Including a hidden zipper front pocket. The inside left pocket contains a port for your ear buds if you need it. The sleeves stretch and have thumbholes to keep your hands covered but free. A perfect choice for day or night fall activities. This jacket also comes in a women’s cut. Bella Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Pullover Hoodie One of our favorite brands to print on, Bella Canvas is always a great choice for t-shirts or hooded sweatshirts. This unisex sponge fleece is soft and stylish. With 18 color combinations to choose from you’ll find something to match every outfit. Kangaroo pockets offer plenty of on the go storage for your stuff. Next Level 2 Color Pullovers With contrasting colors the Next Level French terry pullover hoodie is another great choice. While it doesn’t have any pockets it does look fresh with inside of the hood color matching the drawstrings. The fabric is superbly soft making it perfect for fall days on the couch with coffee. No matter what the [...]

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Starting a Apparel Line in Atlanta Georgia

Starting your own line of custom apparel in Atlanta Georgia can be a worthwhile but challenging pursuit. With over 5 million people in the metro area there are plenty of opportunities for budding designers. We’ve helped hundreds of customers with their custom t-shirts, hoodies and other garments. Below are some of the top tips we have for those looking to break into starting their own apparel line. Quality Shirts Equals Quality Prints When selecting your garments to decorate, when possible always go with a more popular high quality brand. The difference in price is usually around $1.00 - $2.50 more than using a Gildan or Fruit of the Loom. Your customers will notice the difference in materials and fit. Brands like Alternative Apparel or Next Level are often softer and better fitting than other brands. You’ll also benefit from the brand recognition. Customers most likely already have shirts made by these brands and are familiar with how they fit and feel. You’ll also find the most modern styles and colors offered when using brands like Bella Canvas or those listed above. Quality Art Equals Quality Prints It’s perfectly fine to sketch out ideas on the back of a napkin or plain paper. You’ll just want to have a graphic designer create the final artwork in vector format. If you don’t have a designer or aren’t familiar with vector art, it’s worth learning at least the basics when starting your own line of custom apparel. With your designs in vector format your artwork will come out printing great no matter what method of decoration is used. Vector files work great for screen printing, direct to garment and embroidery. You can also use the same files for [...]

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ATL UTD White Crewneck T-shirt. Printed on white Next Level t-shirts made from 100% combed ringspun cotton. Available in sizes small up to 3XL. Cheer on Atlanta United in this Run DMC inspired "ATL UTD" t-shirt. Free shipping included or local pickup available. Sizes Small $25.00 USD Medium $25.00 USD Large $25.00 USD X-Large $25.00 USD 2-XL $27.00 USD 3XL $28.00 USD

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Atlanta 4th of July Events – Fireworks, Music and Fun

4th of July in Atlanta is always a great time no matter what age or interests. There is always plenty to do from Woodstock to Downtown Atlanta. Of course there are lots of firework shows to attend. The are also sporting events, concerts and more this 4th. Oh say can you see Atlanta United? Another sell out home game for the cities newest sports team, our Atlanta United. The games at Bobby Dodd have been electric with a fun family friendly atmosphere. While this games already sold out there are plenty of tickets on re-sale sites and you can often find them for sale around the stadium. Suntrust Park Baseball and Fireworks The new home of the Atlanta Braves is sure to be a fun traditional 4th of July celebration. What could be more American than baseball and fireworks? So root root root for the home team, hopefully the Atlanta Braves will win another world series soon. Tickets start at $52. Centennial Olympic Park 4th of July Celebration Centennial Olympic Park features live music and a 9:45 PM fireworks show this is always a great time even with the crowds. This year Bobby Brown among a list of other will be performing live. There will be plenty of food and drink vendors all afternoon. This event gets full quick so make sure and arrive early. Taking MARTA is always the best way to go if you can use the trains. Have a House Party Some of the best 4th events are the smaller personal ones. Nothing beats getting the grill fired up before lighting off a bunch of fireworks with neighbors, friends and family. Just make sure to be safe. Make sure pets are safely [...]

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Updated DTG Pricing

Updated Pricing for DTG With No Minimums We have updated our pricing for DTG prints with no minimums! Customers can now order from 1 to 1,000 or more. We’re excited to offer these new lower minimums to our direct to garment printing services. We also are now offering bring your own garments for all customers wanting DTG or vinyl prints. So you’re welcome to bring in just one or a few hundred or more. The turnaround time for DTG is usually around three to four business days although rush service is available. The pricing for DTG prints has also changed. Below is the pricing breakdown for direct to garment printing from Atlanta Shirt’s shop. DIRECT TO GARMENT PRICING: The first price is for a 1-location print for example a front or back print. The second price is for 2 locations, for example front and back. The maximum print size is 13 inches wide and 15 inches high. We print on 100% cotton Next Level T-Shirts when we provide the shirt. Below is the pricing for DTG including the shirt. White Shirt Pricing: 1 Shirt $25 / $30 2-5 Shirts $21 / $26 6-12 Shirts $17 / $22 13-24 Shirts $14 / $19 25-60 Shirts $ 12 / $17 61 – 100 Shirts $ 10 / $15 Color Shirt Pricing: 1 Shirt $25 / $30 2-5 Shirts $23 / $28 6-12 Shirts $19 / $24 13-24 Shirts $16 / $21 25-60 Shirts $14 / $19 61 – 100 Shirts $ 12 / $17   Customer Supplied Garment Pricing: White Shirt Pricing: 1 Shirt $20 / $25 2-5 Shirts $15 / $20 6-12 Shirts $12 / $17 13-24 Shirts $10 / $15 25-60 Shirts $ 8 / [...]

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How to Reduce Costs When Screen Printing

How to Reduce Costs When Screen Printing Are you interested in how to save money and reduce the cost of ordering screen printed shirts? Often just a few small changes can result in big savings. Lets review some of the costs associated with custom screen printing and how you can save money when designing the graphics for your t-shirts. Number of Colors and Locations The number 1 factor in pricing for screen printing is the number of colors in the artwork and locations. For example each of the trees in this image are the same except for the number of colors that would be printed. You can see even with a 2 color print the design stays the same. The cost difference between a 2 color and 6 color print can be significant. So if someone was looking to save money on screen printing they should reduce the number of colors in the design. Just Like Real Estate Location Matters The old adage from real estate "location location location" also rings true for printing. Set up for screen printing is based on the number of locations being printed. Front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve are all considered a location. Printing just a front print will cost less than printing on the front, back and sleeve. Size of the print isn't usually a factor, set up costs are per screen. So even if you are printing a small front left chest or a full size front print, the set up costs are the same. The price can increase quickly when printing multiple locations for smaller orders. The reason being is the setup costs aren't divided by as many items as say a 144 piece order. [...]

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What are the differences between DTG and Screen Printing?

There are many differences between direct to garment and screen printing. Both methods overlap providing similar results with some key differences. Screen printing involves using mesh screens where the ink is pushed through the open portion of the mesh (only the design) onto a garment. DTG (direct to garment) is similar to inkjet printers only instead of printing on paper the ink is applied directly to the garment. Using DTG you can print vibrant full color designs that require additional setup costs if done with screen printing. Each color used when screen printing requires its own screen and film. There are none of the “screen fees” or setup when using DTG. Comparing the costs of both printing methods is heavily dependent on the artwork. There isn’t a right or wrong way just options. Simple 1-2 color designs are almost always screen printed. Full color designs are most often printed using DTG. One note about direct to garment prints, they look best on 100% cotton fabrics. Larger orders with multiple colors in the design the setup costs associated with screen printing are much lower. How to Decide Which Printing Method to Use? The number of colors are the best indicator of which style of custom apparel printing to use. Screen printing is usually the lower cost. Examples of 1-2 color prints are sports uniforms and basic logos. Full color pictures and vibrant comic book style art has more shading and colors that makes DTG the obvious choice. Send Us Your Artwork If you’re unsure what option is best please send us your artwork. Someone from Atlanta Shirt will quickly respond outlining the best print options. Often the choice is made for aesthetics some people just like [...]

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Available Available Payments and Other Digital Currencies Now Available

Atlanta Shirt has joined the growing list businesses accepting the popular digital currency Bitcoin as payment. Customers can now pay for their custom t-shirt orders using Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin. Download The Press Releases The decision to start accepting digital currencies allows the metro Atlanta t-shirt company to offer consumers more choices when shopping locally for custom apparel. Once considered a novelty, Bitcoin is still the world's #1 crypto-currency in use today. Other digital coins may sound like a meme but have accomplished some great things. Dogecoin’s value and popularity was how the community sponsored their very own NASCAR “Dogecar” driven by Josh Wise giving the “much fun” crypto coin some serious national television exposure. The Dogecoin community even helped raise $30,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team’s after the team qualified for the 2014 winter Olympics. While the company expects most customers to still pay using traditional methods of today, the privacy, security and savings will only increase those using digital currencies when shopping.   “When customers pay using Bitcoin there are almost negligible transaction fees because the middle man’s been cut out. Customers pay us directly virtually eliminating any transaction fee’s for credit cards…” Said client manager Samantha Osborn. “…Because our costs are reduced when customers pay using digital currencies, we’re able to pass along these savings to customers who pay using Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin. We’ve also made it easy for customer to learn more, purchase coins on our website if interested in getting started.” Atlanta Shirt is excited to join the growing list of businesses offering Bitcoin payments such as CVS, Target and Home Depot. There are now thousands of retailers accepting digital currencies and this is just another way of providing [...]

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