Custom Apparel Products for Screen Printing

Custom apparel products catalog and information. From the classic and timeless T-Shirt to modern fashion forward styles from American Apparel, Atlanta Shirt can print you ideas onto anything you see here. These are the most popular styles of shirts most used in screen printing. If there is a style you want and don’t see here let us know! We can order any style of garment to print custom designs on!

Choose from a wide selection of screen-printed apparel and promotions items. T-Shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts; ladies t-shirts and sports shirts are just some of the garments to choose from.

Women’s Styles

Women's Apparel

  • Short Sleeve & Tanks
  • Long Sleeve
  • Sweats
  • Shorts
  • Youth Girls




Custom Apparel Products in Atlanta Georgia

We get all of our custom apparel products and promotional items from either Broder Bros or TSC Apparel. There are thousands of items from a wide variety of companies to choose from. Click either button to see all available items.

AlphaBroder Catalog
TSC Catalog


Customers are also welcome to bring their own garments! We do have a minimum of 48 items when supplying your own apparel. Also certain items such as recycled plastic based materials may not be suitable for printing. Send us a sample if you are unsure if the items you’re interested in can be customized. We can also assist you in finding items outside of our normal suppliers.